We Ship to all Canadian Provinces

*****Shipping (via Purolator) is anticipated to resume in late MAY 2023

Since we ship to all 10 Canadian provinces, we must wait for temperatures to stabilize across the board. This usually takes place around the end of May. We will announce it on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and display it on the website banner when shipping resumes. 

Thank you for your interest!


 We ship to all Canadian Provinces. Unfortunately, we DO NOT ship to the Territories. 

When will I receive my plants?

Orders will be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure speedy arrival. We send at the beginning of the business week to avoid potentially having your plants sit in a dark box in a truck/warehouse over the weekend. 

I live in a Canadian province but at checkout, it's saying that you are not able to ship to my address?

You may have an item in your cart that does not qualify for shipping. 

We can ship most of the plants and accessories that we sell; the exceptions are plants that exceed approximately 20 inches in height and large decorative pots. If this is the case, the plant's description will read: 

"Sorry, due to its size (too large), this item does not qualify for shipping out of the city (via courier). However, we can deliver it to your door (qualifying areas in Ottawa/Hull)."

Additionally, certain plants have not historically shipped well. If an item falls under this category, the description will read:

"Sorry, this item does not qualify for shipping out of the city ( (via courier).due to its fragile nature. However, we can deliver it to your door (qualifying areas in Ottawa/Hull).

Our apologies for any inconvenience, but we want your plants to arrive in tip-top shape!


What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping rates are displayed at checkout. These rates are based on a minimal dimensional weight (predetermined box sizes). For example, you may observe that shipping prices remain the same whether you purchased 1 or 8 plants of similar size. That said, we find that group orders with your local plant hobbyists can be mutually beneficial. 

We understand that Canada Post is typically a lower-cost service; however, based on past experience, CP does not boast speediness or reliability. We primarily use Purolator but may alternate between FedEx and UPS, depending on your location and service availability. From experience, we find these couriers to be the most reliable. Due to the sensitive nature of our products (live plants), we firmly believe that the premium in price is well worth it. 

Plants depart from Ottawa, ON, and delivery is typically 1-4 business days (depending on your location) but may take longer for rural or Northern communities. Please note that PO BOXES can only be accommodated by Canada Post. 

Shipping confirmation and the tracking number will be emailed to you. If you did not receive it, please double-check your junk box. Please ensure that you leave a working email and contact number when checking out. 


Can I receive free shipping/delivery if I purchase a certain amount?

Currently, there is no minimum purchase to receive free shipping/delivery. 

To put it simply, "free shipping" is commonly calculated into the price of products. We strive to provide fair and competitive pricing reflective of the quality of our plants, so we don't believe this practice is fair to our local plant community. However, we do occasionally email promotions for local delivery and shipping. Please subscribe to our email list to receive updates and promotional offers. 



We encourage those in the GTA and surrounding areas to check out Plantrunz, who we work with, to have your plants delivered straight to your door, safe and sound. If you know what you would like from our shop, you can reach out to them at plantrunz@gmail.com. Rates are very comparable with shipping.

For more information about this service: 



*Please note that Plantrunz is a separate business and not an extension of House of Plants Inc. We are not familiar with their rates or how it's calculated. It is best to reach out to them directly if you have an inquiry.