Aglaonema "Spring Snow" 12" pot

Aglaonema "Spring Snow" 12" pot

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Aglaonemas are an excellent low-light interior plant. Its lush body can incorporate abundant greenery into your space without committing to a stringent care routine. These plants tend to grow fuller rather than taller.


  • Allow the first 1/3-1/2 of soil to dry before watering. This plant hates wet feet!
  • chunky soil is recommended for optimal drainage 
  • Aglaonema are typically much heavier drinkers during summer, so water accordingly! 
  • Can tolerate lower light conditions but does best in consistent medium/bright indirect light 
  • This plant can benefit from a couple of hours of direct MORNING SUN 
  • Avoid direct afternoon sun in the peak summer months as leaves can scorch 
  • It appreciates humidity, but it's not a requirement