DIY closed Terrarium Bulb Glassware with cork lid (7”X6”)

DIY closed Terrarium Bulb Glassware with cork lid (7”X6”)

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Closed terrariums are perfect for humidity-living plants (think ferns, fittonia, ferns, Calathea, polka dot plants, marantas, and begonias). The closed terrarium requires a bit more work than the opened version, but the results can be quite rewarding, If done correctly, it can thrive as a self-sustaining eco-system as it can replicate the process of the water cycle. 

The Enclosed Terrarium Kit comes with the following:

  • Sealable glass container with easy to remove lid 
  • Growing medium-*premium terrarium mix 
  • Rocks for the base (drainage)
  • Active carbon (prevents bacterial growth+ deodorizes)
  • False bottom (collects water that passes through the substrate layer)
  • Diagram of the layering order + care instructions

plants and decorative accents are sold separately 

* The terrarium mix is safe for plants and animals. Can be used safely for a "bioactive system".

No fertilisers or chemicals in this mix to accommodate for those who want to make it a bioactive system, so a vivarium with cleaning insects such as isopods etc.