Pothos “Golden”  6” pot

Pothos “Golden” 6” pot

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Golden pothos are one of the easiest-to-care-for plants, and it's wildly popular amongst houseplant enthusiasts and beginners alike. Although his plant is a natural "climber," we often observe its foliage cascading when seen indoors. While it can be trained to climb, the pothos will need support for this upward growth.Totems are rapidly gaining popularity on the market, and for a good reason—totems help to maximize vertical space. The support can also assist with those vining plants that are prone to tangles. Lastly, totems encourage plants to climb and grow much bigger foliage (as we are replicating the natural environment of the Golden Pothos. 


  • Allow the first few inches of soil to dry in between waterings
  •  Droopy leaves mean that they need a good drink
  • Flexible in terms of light requirement- shade-tolerant but does best in bright indirect light
  • Place in a well-lit spot will help to maintain the plant's variegation