Nerve Plant “White Anne”  (Fittonia) 4" pot

Nerve Plant “White Anne” (Fittonia) 4" pot

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Fittonias also known as the "nerve plant," have a reputation as being a drama queen of a plant—imagine fainting when it's thirsty. It can appear wilted on the verge of death and with a splash of water and a few hours later, revived. Yep, that's the Fittonia! Be careful, though, as too many fainting spells can take a toll on this sprawling beauty. Its small size is popular among houseplant enthusiasts as a terrarium plant or a desk plant.


  • High-humidity 
  • Keep soil evenly moist, not soaked 
  • Remember, letting this plant go bone-dry will make it prone to fainting spells
  • Does fine is most light conditions but NO direct sun