Philodendron Cordatum  (Heartleaf) 3” pot

Philodendron Cordatum (Heartleaf) 3” pot

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The Heartleaf Philodendron is a fabulous option for those who are seeking something low maintenance. This plant is flexible when it comes to lighting but does best with bright indirect light. The heart-shaped leaves look lovely vining on a trellis or cascading off a shelf. It grows quickly during the summer/early fall. And you'll probably agree that being able to observe new leaves develop and unfurl consistently is quite a rewarding feeling!


  • Flexible with light conditions but bright indirect is optimal
  • Do not expose to direct sun-this leaves will scorch
  • Likes humidity but flexible (mild-high),
  • Throughout warmer months, keep the soil moist (not soaked)
  • During the colder months, water when the first 1/3 of soil is dry