Airplant Bundle

Airplant Bundle

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Airplants are one of the easiest-to-care-for plants that we've ever encountered! These guys don't require soil and are classified as "epiphytes." This term refers to plants that grow or attach to other plants for support (think mosses). The roots of tillandsia serve the purpose of attaching to other plants/trees rather than for acquiring water and nutrients. Airplants survive off water and air. To feed these plants, simply soak in water every 1-2 weeks for 5-15 min, shake off excess water to return it to its spot.


  • Place in a bright spot (no direct sun)
  • Soak in water every week (every two weeks in the winter)
  • Misting is also an option 

This bundle includes the following: 

  1. Tillandsia "Juncea" LARGE 
  2. Tillandsia "Baileyi" LARGE
  3. Tillandsia Caput Medusae SMALL
  4. Tillandsia Xerographica SMALL
  5. Tillandsia Bergeri LARGE
  6. Tillandsia Capitata MEDIUM
  7. Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish Moss)