Trailing Jade 3.5” pot

Trailing Jade 3.5” pot

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Succulents are a terrific low-maintenance option! Its leaves are packed with water, so no need to worry about keeping it on a watering schedule. All these plants ask for is a bright spot, and for you to leave it alone!


  • Select a spot with a lot of light- some succulents can tolerate a medium-lower light setting, but it will thrive in a bright environment 
  • Succulents are drought tolerant, meaning that it can go for the prolonged periods without water
  • Overwatering can be harmful to this plant. Allow the soil to dry between watering completely 
  • If the leaves start puckering, this is typically a sign that it needs water 
  • For succulents in smaller pots, bottom-feeding is recommended 
  • If you repot, select a well-draining soil-cactus/succulent mix with perlite or pumice is recommended 

Ceramic pot is sold separately