Ficus Altissima  approximately 3ft tall in 10” pot

Ficus Altissima approximately 3ft tall in 10” pot

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The Ficus altissima is visually appealing and relatively low-maintenance indoor plant. The tree boasts glossy foliage, adorned with prominent veins, creating an eye-catching pattern. The coloration of the leaves is deep green, complemented by contrasting yellow veins, providing a vibrant appearance. 


  • Does best with consistent bright indirect light
  • Benefits from a few hours of direct sun but avoid prolonged periods of direct sun during peak summer months since this can burn the leaves 
  • Rotate often to ensure even variegation and growth if foliage 
  • Allow the first 1/3-1/2 of the top soil  to dry before watering. This plant hates wet feet!
  • Do not maintain soggy soil as this will quickly lead to rot. 
  • Gently wipes the leaves once/week for glossy leaves and optimal photosynthesis.